May 26, 2021 — We have just received word of 7 Horizons which appears to be another reasonably striking, hand-drawn platformer coming to consoles and PC.

The upcoming runner hybrid sports old-fashioned shooter gameplay while alluding to classic platformers like Rayman and Mega Man. As the screenshots and trailer show, there is a distinct comic book flair to the art style that looks absolutely gorgeous.

The visual direction of 7 Horizons targets a younger audience with its whimsical creatures and over-the-top, fun player designs which make one think of Nintendo. According to Polish developers Red Deer Games, bosses are said to be huge — and supposedly there are six of them fight it out against, as the developer also revealed the number of game worlds (which there will be six of.)

Players take on the role of superhero Jelly, who, as his name suggests, is a jelly that can change its shape which, in theory, offers some rather interesting gameplay mechanics. Alongside Jelly, players can try out the game as their friends from other planets, each with a different set of skills and weapons. Climbing vertical walls is just some of them.

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7 Horizons will be released on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X consoles later this year. Feel free to make an early move and wishlist the game on Steam now.