May 27, 2021 —  Funktronic Labs’ 80s-inspired “skateboating” game Wave Break is coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch — complete with an 80s-drenched soundtrack!

Wave Break is set to capture the feel of classic arcade skateboarding games with a dash of boating thrown in for good measure. The title sports a single-player campaign and at least two online modes that we know little about except they are called ‘Death Match’ and ‘Trick Attack’.

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According to Pasadena-based game developer Funktronic Labs, Wave Break is the world’s first and only “skateboating” game. Players must grind, grab, kickflip and shoot their way through neon-drenched Miami Vice-inspired scenery that offers stock themes like tropical beaches and frozen tundras.

Popular synthwave artists like Timecop1983 and Kalax have reportedly created original songs for the wacky-looking title.


Wave Break releases June 11 for PC and Nintendo Switch and can be wishlisted on Steam now.