February 18, 2022 — The arcade industry may not be as abundant as it once was back in the age of denim jackets and headbands, but the progenitor of modern video games is far from dead. Companies like Arcade1Up and Stern Pinball have been working overtime to keep arcade fans greasing up buttons and joysticks in both public and at home.

This brings us to the latest Yestermade Arcade Roundup, a delightful drop of noteworthy arcade news for the initiated.

Arcade1Up Ships New Arcade Machine Cabinets

The past 12 months have been busy for the crew at Arcade1Up as they refuse to slow down. With tabletop cabinets and head-to-head machines entering the consumer market, there is plenty to anticipate from the production company. In fact, its latest drop of new cabinets will appeal to all types of players as we span future wars and some big game hunting.

Among the units recently released by Arcade1Up is Terminator 2: Judgment Day. We reported about the reveal back in November 2021, and now the cabinet is officially ready for at-home use. The new machien features two guns sporting force feedback and panel graphics pulled right from the film’s memorable marketing. Terminator 2 first launched over 30 years ago, and the modern unit is a fine tribute to the shooter that gobbled up so many quarters.

As exciting as the rerelease of Terminator 2 is, Arcade1Up was just getting warmed up. The company also released a new Killer Instinct machine that’s more than it looks like. Though the marquee is all about the classic 1990s fighter, the unit also features the arcade version of Battletoads and Killer Instinct 2.

Anyone trying to spruce up their gaming space will also appreciate the launch of Big Buck World, complete with two shotguns, and Ridge Racer with a built-in pedal, two-way shifter, and steering wheel. All of Arcade1Up’s new machines are WiFi compatible for leaderboards and sport a light-up marquee to complete the look of a retro arcade space.

Shaquille O’Neal to Partner with Arcade1Up for Special Edition Machine

If Shaq is attached to you, then you know what kind of game to expect. But this isn’t any normal basketball game. Arcade1Up and Shaq are collaborating on NBA Jam: Shaq Edition. Standing at 65.8” high, the cabinet is 8” taller than the company’s standard cabinets and features a 19” screen.

NBA Jam: Shaq Edition is expected to release in summer 2022 and will launch with NBA Jam, NBA Jam Tournament Edition, and NBA Hangtime. Per the announcement, Arcade1Up CEO Scott Bachrach suggested that more collaborations with professional athletes could be in the company’s future.

Stern’s ‘Godzilla’ Dominates Pinball Industry Awards

On January 28, 2022, pinball enthusiasts, developers, and publishers gathered for an evening dedicated to their passion. The Pinball Industry Awards is the Academy Awards of the pinball industry, and bringing home even just one award is a major accomplishment. So, you can likely imagine Stern’s surprise when one of its newer cabinets, Godzilla, score 11 Pinball Industry Awards.

The cabinet earned recognition for its mechanics and artwork with awards for:

Godzilla was one of the highly anticipated pinball releases last year, and it’s clear that Stern’s romp through Tokyo and collaboration with Toho was a fruitful idea.