Video Game Review: ‘Cathedral’ PS4 Version

‘Cathedral’ is a decent platformer on the surface, but numerous issues with world design and other elements make it a clumsy Metroidvania.

April 25, 2022 — A Swedish-made 8-bit metroidvania developed by Decemberborn Interactive, Cathedral has been available on PC and Switch since 2019. But considering the game saw a release on PS4 on April 14, now seems like a fair opportunity to assess the overall experience and see whether it effectively caters to players’ retro cravings. For those who get a kick out of cryptic adventure games with constant difficulty, it might.


Video Game Review:
‘Circuit Superstars’

’Circuit Superstars’ probably won’t blow racing fans away, but it’s nonetheless a remarkably polished retro-style game that is surprisingly enjoyable in the long run.

February 24, 2022 — It is far from guaranteed that those unfamiliar with the top-down racing genre will enjoy Original Fire Games’ Circuit Superstars right out of the gate. Although the premise and overall structure are about as simple and approachable as they come, the racing mechanics require a learning curve that may prove too steep. Stick with it though, and you may end up surprised over just how rewarding the game can be with practice.


‘Blasphemous’ Replay:
3x DLC Content Final Version

The award-winning metroidvania has received its third and final DLC ‘Wounds of Eventide’ — new levels, bosses, and gore. We took a fresh look at the “final” game.

January 5, 2022 — Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC; cult hit side-scroller Blasphemous is bound to leave an impression. Many will be drawn to the game’s aesthetic that is heavily influenced by Catholic Spain, while others may be surprised or put off by its extreme gore.


Video Game Review:
‘Children of Morta DLC:
Ancient Spirits’

‘Ancient Spirits’ is the newest content update to Children of Morta. While it does not add roguelike RPG gameplay, it is a well-made, solid DLC that fans will surely enjoy.

November 7, 2021 — First released in 2019, dungeon-crawling rogue-lite Children of Morta has received plenty of content updates by its developer Dead Mage since. The latest expansion, titled Ancient Spirits, is an uncomplicated addition that consists of a new playable character, a new skin system, and an additional 15 items to utilize during runs.


Remaster Review:
‘Cotton Reboot!’

‘Cotton Reboot!’ is an updated, remastered version of cult 90s shooter “cute ’em up” ‘Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams’ with improved graphics and additional features.

July 26, 2021 — There is plenty to love about this callback to the 90s, although Japanese Akihabara-game-store-turned-retro-developer BEEP may have left a few things out. Some games serve one purpose: unabashedly deliver an endless stream of nonsensical entertainment brimming with vibrant colors and a brilliant assortment of enemies.


‘Streets of Rage 4’ Gets
Mr. X Nightmare Mode via DLC

Hellish survival mode for ‘Streets of Rage 4’ releasing mid-July.

July 2, 2021 — The streets will be full of rage in Streets of Rage 4’s survival mode, ‘Mr. X Nightmare’. Developers Dotemu, Lizardcube, and Guard Crush Games are preparing a brand new, much-coveted upcoming DLC that pits players against even deadlier enemy waves.


Co-Op Pixel-Shooter ‘Trigger Witch’ Coming To Consoles

Recalling the visual style and intuitive gameplay of 16-bit action-adventure classics, Trigger Witch puts an ultra-violent spin on cute and colorful pixel art.

May 11, 2021 — Developed by New Zealand-based Raindrop Games, Hong Kong-based publisher eastasiasoft let us know they are bringing the former’s new game Trigger Witch to consoles. READ MORE »