July 13, 2021 — Players who enjoy zooming through the vibrant environments of Brazilian developer Aquiris’ Horizon Chase Turbo are in for a treat. The ‘Complete Your Collection’ season which launched at the beginning of July immediately started to deliver on its promise of unique and colorful skins.

The seasonal event will dish out 20 cosmetic skins, eight of which you may remember seeing before, including the one-year anniversary “Zeus” skin that was previously released and subsequently pulled from the game. Players who loved the last batch of eight but missed out on some of them now have the opportunity to score the full roster by racing the horizon for the duration of ‘Complete Your Collection’. In addition, Aquiris will release 12 standard skins that are entirely new to the mobile version of the arcade racer.

A new vehicle skin will release every 24 hours until July 25, 2021, so players will need to log on to claim the day’s offering. On June 29, the first skin dropped and revealed the classic first-anniversary design that was initially released in 2019. That was followed up by a sleek yellow Sportster sure to tear up the road and leave the competition in the dust.

Unsurprisingly, these skins are merely cosmetic and do not alter gameplay. It is safe to say, especially considering the season’s name, that this event caters primarily to the Horizon Chase Turbo die-hards who must have every cosmetic item imaginable. And considering the bevy of colorful and sharp skins releasing over the four-week season, we cannot say we’re surprised players are racing eagerly for these cosmetics.

Shortly before ‘Complete Your Collection’ launched, Aquiris released a trailer showcasing the collection in its entirety. Each skin style makes a good job of capturing the classic aesthetics of classic arcade racing games — with a variety of vibrant paint jobs and slightly cartoonish designs. No matter what players might be hungering for in terms of paint jobs, there is likely a skin that will be a great fit. Even those who might be into simple black sedans have something to look forward to, with week 3, day 14 offering up a suitable treat.

The response to an event like the Complete Your Collection season really drives home how much players love Horizon Chase Turbo. Between the stylish soundtrack and the occasional challenges, it is a phenomenal nostalgia trip to the heyday of arcade racing — and one that just keeps on giving.

Few modern racers capture the joy players got from the now-antiquated titles that predate them. The 80s and 90s were ripe with arcade racing games that defined the genre, giving way to the more and more serious Need for Speeds and Forza Motorsports that are popular but far from loved by everyone. Horizon Chase Turbo may not look like much on its surface, but its core gameplay continues to delight players. One Redditor gushed about their time behind the wheel, stating, “So much content, great two-player… and the track design is sick.”


From the way people talk about Aquiris’ high-speed race back to the 80s and 90s, it is evident Horizon Chase Turbo isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The game is currently available on the Epic Games Store, Steam, PlayStation 4, Switch, and current Xbox consoles. In addition, the Brazil-developed fan favorite is also available for the Apple TV and iPhone.