March 6, 2021 — Although actual gameplay footage has not yet been made available, retrogamers around the world should have a fun arcade-style experience to look forward to.

Disney-owned toy-manufacturer Mattel has announced they are working with Italian-based racing-specialst developer Milestone to deliver Hot Wheels Unleashed for current and next-gen platforms in September. Provided the game is any good, retrogamers should get ready to drift, boost, jump and crash the Hot Wheels franchise’s iconic tracks in both single and multiplayer modes. The developer not only shared the game’s vehicle renders (available in the gallery below) but also confirmed Hot Wheels Unleashed will feature an easy-to-use track editor enabling retrogamers to customize tracks and share them with the game’s community.

Milestone also let us know the upcoming arcade-racer includes adrenaline-filled races, an extended choice of Hot Wheels vehicles with different attributes and rarity levels that players can customize with different skins, and jaw-dropping tracks set in everyday-life locations with special track pieces and interactive items.

“Like many other team members who worked on the game, I’ve been playing with Hot Wheels since I was a child, and today I’m still a hungry Hot Wheels fan and collector,” said Michele Caletti, Executive Producer, Milestone. “This is the reason why we’re all so committed to delivering the purest and most authentic Hot Wheels gameplay experience ever in a videogame. We owe it to the Hot Wheels community and to our inner children.”

Although the game’s Executive Producer Michele Caletti did not work on Milestone’s Screamer-series that were popular in the 1990s, a source close to the developer, who wished to remain anonymous, informed us Hot Wheels Unleashed will support a novel form of split-screen for local co-op and versus play. The source also let us know the Milan-based development team has been hard at work tweaking vehicle physics to make the game feel genuinely arcade-like by implementing a variety of drifting and power sliding maneuvers — plus tons of pickups.


Hot Wheels Unleashed is already available for pre-order and will release on September 30, 2021, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows, and next-gen consoles.