January 7, 2021 — The composer for Netflix’s smash hit Stranger Things, Michael Stein, has used his talents to help create a new platform; one that is sure to make synth enthusiasts shake. According to Theprotovault.com, the composer partnered up with Dallas-based artist Protovolt to create ‘The Protovault’.

The platform hosts a large number of multi-sample instruments. It also has production tools for Logic Pro and Ableton Live. Their goal with The Protovault is to provide a simpler plug and play platform with a smoother workflow for artists.

New and Unique Sounds Every Month!

To keep things as legitimate as possible, each of the instruments used was custom-designed and recorded using the pair’s own collection of vintage equipment. If that does not bring a rich 80s style of depth to music, then I am not sure what will.

The service from Stein and Protovolt will see instruments released in sets of three, with different series that will rotate out on a monthly basis. This means each will only be available for thirty days before being swapped out. What will make this platform even more interesting is how the pacts — as they are released — will not focus on genres, but will focus on themes instead. For example, one such theme will be centered on 80s action movies. For me, I cannot help but think of Commando!

If Stein’s work on Stranger Things is any hint, artists can expect some in-depth detail when it comes to the instruments they get with this platform. According to the pair, The Protovolt will come with a drum kit, 80s inspired action effects kit, and of course a 25 multi-sampled instruments set.

Community Is A Powerful Tool In The World of Music

However, they are not done yet. Another series they will release — The Artists Series — will have the platform do some collaborations with artists in order to create unique instrument sets based on their own signature sounds. They currently have some lined up, but are not releasing names quite yet. Then there is the ‘Legendary Series’ which will focus on paying homage to the artist that helped to build the era. According to the website, the range of artists will range from Prince, to Nine Inch Nails, Tears for Fears, and John Carpenter.

The creation of Synth Lords is being advertised as a community forum for enthusiasts of the synth genre. This will give them access to a community, giveaways, and even some competitions. Some of the giveaways will also see awesome gear, like posters, collectables, vinyl, and more up for grabs for those without the community.

Finally, the The Synth Lords will also boost resources for up and comers, such as a podcast, and tutorials. What do you think of this new platform? Does it sound like an investment for the synth interested creator?