Street Fighter Alpha & Alpha 2 Music Goes Vinyl

Soundtracks from Capcom’s seminal 1995 and 1996 arcade fighters to be vinyl-pressed on heavyweight 180g discs by Laced Records.

April 20, 2021 — Laced Records is set to release soundtrack vinyls of Capcom’s arcade heavy-hitters Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors’ Dreams and Street Fighter Alpha 2 — the latter of which can be heard now in the form of Yestermade’s 15-minute arcade capture. READ MORE »

After 18 Years, ‘XIII’ Cult-Shooter Gets Vinyled

Cult shooter XIII’s spy-jazz music to sneak onto vinyl; new soundtrack to include material from 2020 Microids remake.

March 24, 2021 — Who could forget the groovy soundtrack coupled with the distinct BAMs, the BLAMs, and the BAOMMs of UbiSoft’s seminal toon-shooter XIII?! READ MORE »

‘Tekken Tag Tournament’ and ‘Tekken 4’ Gets Vinyled

Physical soundtrack release packs a slew of experimental electronic music created by a team of Namco veteran composers.

March 2, 2021Laced Records has teamed up with Bandai Namco for the release of a triple vinyl-set with music from Tekken Tag Tournament and Tekken 4. READ MORE »

‘30XX’ Original Soundtrack Available On Spotify

Atlanta-based chiptune artist ‘Cityfires’ has made the ‘Original 30XX Soundtrack’ available on Spotify; has 22 irresistible chip-tune tracks.

February 18, 202130XX catchy music is a perfect fit for the game’s familiar yet novel gameplay; run-left-to-right, jump, shoot and slice through themed 2D platforming worlds. READ MORE »

Hit Game ‘Terraria’ Will See It’s Soundtrack Released On Vinyl

December 10, 2020 — After over nine years of proving to players that it is more than just a 2-dimensional Minecraft, Terraria will finally see its soundtrack released on vinyl. Terraria has been a smash hit with four million copies sold to date; in 2020 the game saw one final update go live to bring its development to an end.


Interview: The Witcher 3, GWENT, Age of Empires composer Mikolai Stroinski

December 4, 2020 — Mikolai Stroinski, composer for quite a few games, TV shows, and films, was kind enough to join us for an interview, where we talked about his work, his favorite media, and more. Our goal was to really get inside the head of the man whose music is more impactful than the visuals they are usually paired with.


‘Black Future ’88’ Soundtrack

October 8, 2020Black Future ’88 has been released on the Nintendo Switch, and brought with it an amazing retrowave soundtrack. The game is an excellent callback to side scrollers of its namesake era with a unique premise that gamers are loving.