LeBrock’s New Synth-Rocking
Album ‘Fuse’ Delivers

June 19, 2021 — If there is one thing that can be said about UK-based synthwave-stalwarts LeBrock, it is they have a style unlike anyone else in music which is, of course, no revelation to fans of the duo.


‘Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection’ Post Release Verdict

June 18, 2021 — Team Ninja may be secretly working on the sequel to 2012’s Ninja Gaiden 3, but players still need a way to scratch that shinobi itch. June 9 saw the Steam release of the popular franchise’s latest outing.


Marvel 83s — ‘Atlantis’
(Concept Album)

June 15, 2021 — Prague-based synthwave artist Marvel 83’ recently released a new space-inspired album that includes some truly great tracks.


Roxi Drive Returns With
Impressive Pair of 80s Singles

June 13, 2021 — If music was a time machine, Roxi Drive would team up with Doc Brown! Her tracks are a link to our past, a means of reminding us of the simpler days of fluorescent neon, big hair, and high-waisted jeans.


Netflix’s Boxer-Docu Series
‘The Kings’ (of the 80s) Review

June 8, 2021 — The 1980s was one of the wildest decades in United States history; cell phones were hitting the streets for the first time, women were climbing the corporate ladder with shoulder pads tucked into their power suits, and boxing was looking for the next Mohamed Ali.


Retro Review: Is ‘Outsiders’
(1983) Ripe For A Reboot?

June 5, 2021The Outsiders is unlike any movie that will ever be made again which is why it is so special. Too many stars aligned to make this 1983 film an instant classic, but would such magic be possible to repeat?


First Look: ‘Evercade VS’ Arcade/Retro Console System

May 29, 2021 — Following a surprisingly successful year for the Evercade retro handheld, we take a look at its successor “TV-only” version dubbed the Evercade VS that is scheduled for release this November alongside several new multi-game cartridges. READ MORE »


May 27, 2021 —  Funktronic Labs’ 80s-inspired “skateboating” game Wave Break is coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch — complete with an 80s-drenched soundtrack! READ MORE »


May 26, 2021 — We have just received word of 7 Horizons which appears to be another reasonably striking, hand-drawn platformer coming to consoles and PC.


‘Eight Dragons’ Gets May Release Date for Consoles

May 21, 2021 — Barcelona-based JanduSoft S.L. has announced a release date for developer Extendmode’s old-school beat-’em-up Eight Dragons. READ MORE »

Will ‘Bloodsport’ Ever See
A Reboot And A Return to Form?

May 20, 2021 — It has been nearly a decade since news set the world on fire as the much-anticipated Bloodsport reboot was announced to be a done deal — yet nothing has come of it.

Steam Gets ‘Samurai Shodown’; ‘King of Fighters XV’ Teased

May 17, 2021 — Today’s announcement that SNK’s weapon-based fighter SAMURAI SHODOWN is finally coming to Steam should make the PC fighting game community happy, especially since the Windows version is already available on the Epic Games Store. READ MORE »

‘Fantasy Strike’ Review:
Next Generation Update

May 15, 2021Fantasy Strike is coming up on its second anniversary, yet the game has to receive the recognition it deserves. Why does this game deserve any attention, and what does the updated PS5 version bring to the table?


Co-Op Pixel-Shooter ‘Trigger Witch’ Coming To Consoles

May 11, 2021 — Developed by New Zealand-based Raindrop Games, Hong Kong-based publisher eastasiasoft let us know they are bringing the former’s new game Trigger Witch to consoles. READ MORE »

‘Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light’ Review

May 8, 2021 — The recent Switch release of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and The Blade of Light is the first time the iconic game has been officially translated for gamers outside Japan. READ MORE »

‘Wonder Boy: Asha in
Monster World’ Out Soon

May 4, 2021 — German publisher ININ Games has confirmed a Western release date for the physical and digital versions of retro remake Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World. READ MORE »

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