December 15, 2021 — Orange County music duo Dance with the Dead just released a new music video ahead of the upcoming release of the new album Driven to Madness. The track, ‘Sledge’, is the first single from the new record which is slated to release on January 10, 2022. Typical of Dance with the Dead’s style, ‘Sledge’ is a guitar-heavy track that pulls out all the stops for a catchy, heavy, and powerful sound. The music video follows a killer’s spree along the open road as he fuels up with something far more sinister than gasoline. Cinematic and chaotic, the video matches Dance with the Dead’s energy.

‘Sledge’ was written, produced, and mixed by Dance with the Dead’s creative minds, Justin Pointer and Tony Kim. To bring the music video to life, the pair called upon director Djay Brawner and a cast that includes The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time actor Kirk Enochs and Living the Dread Foundation Social Media Director Danielle Victoria. Brawner also makes a cameo in the video as the killer’s fourth hapless victim.

The video is fitting for the track and captures the expected touches of horror that Dance with the Dead is known for. As the killer shoves his targets into his trunk, the track moves along at a fast pace, guitar rifts and synth melodies carrying us along to a thrilling conclusion.

Driven to Madness is Dance with the Dead’s first album since the three-track Blackout that was released in January 2020. ‘Sledge’ may be the first and only track revealed for the new album, but the duo undoubtedly has something special cooking up in the deep recesses of their dark and twisted minds.

Not long after dropping the surprise music video to ‘Sledge’, Dance with the Dead revealed it will be embarking on a North American tour with retro synthwave artist Magic Sword. The tour kicks off on March 23, 2022, in Denver, Colorado, and courses through the United States until May 15, hitting cities like Chicago, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Boston, Atlanta, New York, Austin, San Diego, Vancouver, and Calgary. Tickets are expected to go on sale Friday, December 17.

There is no word as to whether the duo will release more singles ahead of the Driven to Madness album release, so keep eye on their official Facebook page and YouTube channel for updates.