October 3, 2021 — Apparently, a collective spark of creativity coursed throughout the synthwave universe recently. It’s been a short spell since the Yestermade crew had so many tracks to sift through! From remixes of notable tracks to all new sounds filling out the chill and retrowave genres nicely — these past two weeks have been full of delights and surprises.

You’ll want some bass to really feel those snares as you play through these synth hits. And play through them you will, likely more than once!

Of course, the best of the below are available on the Yestermade™ Spotify playlists.

Young Medicine Warms Up the Soul

You know that feeling you get when your body has a slight chill, and you take that first sip of steaming hot chocolate? It’s soothing, and you immediately feel it all over, like the sweet liquid is snaking through your veins. In a way, that’s the same experience you get from Young Medicine’s new track, ‘Hot Chocolate’.

Young Medicine has been churning out singles since 2018, but ‘Hot Chocolate’ (Bandcamp) could very well be one of the project’s most versatile tracks. Imbued with the recognizable sounds of the 1980s, the energetic track blends Young Medicine’s staple metalcore instrumentations and vocals with a touch of synth-based nostalgia.

Bret Liber, Josh Burst, and Michael McEvoy came together to create a single that’s sure to go down as one of the band’s best, especially with that intoxicating chorus that blares through the 1980s familiarity.

Kidburn Drops New Nine-Track Album

Love in Times of Death may sound like an incredible romance novel title, but sorry, authors. Kidburn already reserved it for his latest album. The nine-track digital and physical release includes some of Kidburn’s best songs, including the inspiring and very-1980s ‘Insomnia’ and the aptly titled ode to a broken heart, ‘Heartbreak’.

Available on Bandcamp, Love in Times of Death is a surprising mix of songs that takes listeners on a rollercoaster of emotions. The subdued audio of ‘Tin Soldiers’ kicks off the album with a mellow mood while ‘I Just Wanna Make Love To You’ punches up the energy a bit with a smooth blend of synth and guitar.

The album is available now on Bandcamp and can be purchased as a CD, 12” vinyl, or cassette. All nine songs can also be purchased separately, but they work well together on the album, making it a more-than-worthwhile purchase.

ELYXIR Performs Magic with New Collaborative Effort

With a little help from producer Sandor Gavin and Horizons 1982, ELYXIR dropped what can only be described as a new summertime hit. ‘Feels Like Magic’ is the kind of 1980s nostalgia that transports you to the streets of Sunset Boulevard, basked in the neon glow of an earlier era. It certainly does feel like magic as the upbeat track drowns out the stresses of the world around you.

Now on Bandcamp, ‘Feels Like Magic’ is a testament to the relatively new talent brought by the Australian artist. Don’t be surprised if you’re grooving to an ELYXIR original on the club dance floor one day, as tracks like this are exactly what help elevate an artist to stardom.

The last we heard ELYXIR, she was calling out to ‘Mother Mania’, and ‘Feels Like Magic’ proves that the artist isn’t just a one-hit-wonder. In fact, we expect far more to come out of Melbourne from this rising starlet.

Another Great from Fury Weekend

What’s to say when Fury Weekend is on the scene? Especially when the retrowave rock project is accompanied by Volkor X for a futuristic remix. The original ‘Signals’ is a somewhat haunting track, the deliberate cascading tones crafting a rhythmic and memorable track. The Volkor X remix goes for a more electrified vibe, imbuing the track with the best of retrowave.

The Volkor X remix (Bandcamp) of ‘Signals’ captures the haunting futuristic feel of the original and amplifies it for a more striking trike. You may question how many different ways can a song be redone, but it’s evident with yet another ‘Signals’ remix that there is quite a bit of life left in the song.

‘Signals’ features the talents of Voicians, who remains a prominent part of the remixed track for a full-bodied listening experience that goes through the motions of a nostalgic retrowave track.

Perfect Nothing Reminds Us the Truth is Out There

Perfect Nothing’s spookily remixed yet soft, cool rendition of ‘The X-Files’ theme — ‘The X-Files Theme 1996: Deny, Relax, Repeat Version’ is a cherry on top of an already active week. The PN synth project does a wonderful job capturing the essence of the original TV series theme while putting its own spin on a track that almost everyone is familiar with. In fact, set an episode of the show in a strange alternate universe of the 1980s, and you have yourself the perfect opening track.

A saxophone compliments the original track, giving it a depth that didn’t overlay the series intro. It may not be the most energetic retrowave, but it’s definitely a fun and playful entry (Spotify) in a week full of powerful, romantic, and electrified retrowave songs.


Of course, the best of the above are available on the Yestermade™ Spotify playlists.